The Canterbury earthquakes have literally unearthed a lot of surprises. Especially when it comes to the archaeological work carried out in Christchurch and Canterbury after the quakes.

This has never been seen before on this scale and has ended up as a collection of important information for the entire country. Currently the information is mostly in reports not available to the public, and only sometimes used by other archaeologists. This project intends to change that and make it available to all who want to access it.

The project’s main objectives

–  Public outreach

–  Archaeological research

–  Development of archaeological methods

This collection can tell us so much about the birth and growth of  Christchurch today. Right back to when people first came to the area beginning with the arrival of Waitaha hundreds of years ago.

CAP is set up to make the most of all the information that has been gathered since the earthquakes. The project aims to see how our city has grown and changed over time, to discover how Christchurch’s unique identity has come to be, and to share this information with the people of Christchurch and everyone else who is interested to learn more.

Archaeology provides a view into life, culture and the environment that no other source can. Christchurch is in a great position to benefit from the information that has been generated to date. Through this work, we can show that Christchurch has gained a richer, more detailed understanding of its heritage as a result of the earthquakes.