Water, water, everywhere!

Presenting a selection of the aerated (or soda, if you prefer) water bottles that have surfaced so far on Christchurch archaeological sites. Brace yourselves: there may be water puns (although, honestly, most of the ones we could think of were simply too terrible to include). H. Mace and Co.


H. J. Milsom

J. Swann, Kaiapoi

W Butement

J. Manning Rangiora

Henry France

Ballin Brothers

Thomas Raine


J. E. Lister

Smith and Holland

Ballin brothers stoneware


Donaldson, B., Hume, G. and Costello, S., 1990. Antique Bottles and Containers of Christchurch and District. Antique Bottle and Collectables Club, Christchurch.